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Complete your final application - Altuglas®

Product range

This Altuglas® acrylic sheet was specially developed to meet today's standards. The product line is all about protection! Fight off noise, UV rays, noxious chemicals, become food-contact compliant or improve the machining properties. These technical acrylic glasses maintain their amazing transparent and light-diffusing properties. The "Protect your final application" range ensures your creations will always come out perfectly.

Altuglas® essential

Lasting beauty for perfume and cosmetics display stands. Five times more resistant to chemicals. Applications: display stands, perfume displays, demonstration stands. 100% recyclable - no varnish.

Altuglas® système de réduction acoustique (SRD)

Acrylic sheet for acoustic barriers: an acoustic insulation with a maximum of transparency. Sound Reduction Device: meets the stringent requirements of noise reflection. According to EN 1793 and EN 1794. Perfect for applications such noise-protection walls, offices separations…

Altuglas® UV stop

Range for museums, for gallery protection. Maximize the UV protection and transparency.

Altuglas® food contact

Provide accurate Altuglas® to come into contact with food. A guarantee for you – Nominative certificate on request! Suitable for aqueous products, alcoholic (up to 15%), oily or fatty foodstuffs. In accordance with the European Directive EC no. 10/2011.

Altuglas® easyforming

Make the most complex design with this easily formable sheet. At similar temperature, the thermoforming definition is significantly improved. Altuglas® easyforming is working well at lower temperature offering cycle time reduction.

Altuglas® Aerospace

Security, defence, aerospace – this range of sheet is designed for these sensitive sectors. The mechanical and optical quality of Altuglas® PMMA and the reproducibility of its characteristics are guaranteed and flawless.

Altuglas International offers two grades for these applications:  
Altuglas® II UVA (MIL-PRF-5425E certified) and Altuglas® P55 (MIL-PRF-8184 certified, Type I and II, Class 1).

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
    • Bathtub and shower
    • Urban visual communication
  • Consumer goods
    • Household equipment


  • Aerospace
  • Aquariums
  • Cosmetics
  • Door canopies and balustrades
  • Exhibition booths
  • Furniture
  • Gift and tableware
  • Museum casings
  • Point of purchase
  • Signage
  • Signs
  • Window glazing
  • Windshields