Filament extrusion - ALTUGLASTM 3D acrylic resin

ALTUGLASTM 3D acrylic resin is designed to allow optimal 3D printing of highly technical parts requiring extreme performance. It's available for use in FFF 3D printing applications via filament extrusion technologies. 

Imprimante 3D/3D print

ALTUGLASTM 3D acrylic resin thermoplastic pellets are specially formulated to eliminate voids between layer lines in finished parts, allowing for internally transparent parts when printed using our recommended printing parameters. ALTUGLASTM 3D PMMA resin imparts higher clarity, allowing users to make more intricate parts and prototypes that are both transparent and functional. ALTUGLASTM 3D PMMA permits good adhesion to glass, and higher density prints due to the elimination of voids.  It is compatible with FFF 3D printing technologies.

Outstanding properties include:

  • High transparency
  • Inherently UV-resistant for exterior applications
  • Excellent aesthetics and colorable
  • Tailorable in glossy or matt finishes
  • Minimizes post treatment operation
  • Easily processed
  • Tailorable heat and impact resistance properties
  • Limited Haze (depend of the thickness of the part)

Special ALTUGLASTM range