The Altuglas® acrylic cast and extruded sheets have the appropriate properties to meet the requirements regarding protection screen.

The Altuglas® transparent acrylic sheets are being used as a protective barrier to maintain good hygienic conditions during meal preparation, service (bakery, take away restaurant...).


They are also used as a protective screen allowing a discreet and efficient transparent barrier between people. Ideal for personnel in frequent contact with the public (all different counters of supermarkets, pharmacies, doctor offices and hospitals), the transparent wall acts as a measure to prevent health risks

protection acrylic sheet

Social distancing is then respected and offers optimal safety for both workers and consumers.

Special Altuglas® grades

Transparent cast acrylic sheets and extruded acrylic sheets are used in this application. They have optimal optical quality, exceptional transparency and are thermoformable. The acrylic sheet is lighter and much more resistant than glass, which makes it ideal for these employee-customer protective walls and barriers and any other social distancing application.


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