Boat industry

Altuglas® offers solutions for applications in the boating sector where vessels have to withstand numerous stresses like storms, salt water, wind, etc.

Altuglas® acrylic glass provides unmatched properties for boating applications:

  • Lightweight
  • Impact-resistant
  • Invulnerable to salt and some chemicals
  • Exceptional transparency


The robustness and visibility provided by Altuglas® PMMA means it’s built for everything from cockpit and safety windows to sun visors.

ShieldUp® at the helm

In 2012, the Arkema-Region-Aquitaine trimaran was equipped with windows made from ShieldUp®, giving the boat important characteristics that are highly sought after in the world of sailing: durability, lightness, transparency and robustness.


in 2014, just days before his arrival, Lalou gives us a beautiful course on a high-performance boat. Let’s all wish him good luck and “fair winds and following seas”!

The tinted windows on the cockpit of the boat Arkema – Région Aquitaine owned by skipper Lalou Roucayrol are made from Altuglas® ShieldUp.