Boat industry

ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet is the ideal solution for boat glazings, exposed to difficult conditions: weather, salt water, wind, sun, etc.

Unparalleled properties:

New trimaran Arkema 4
  • Durability, thanks to natural UV resistance (does not yellow over time)
  • Light weight (boat performance and savings)
  • Impact and scratch resistance
  • Optimal resistance to extreme conditions (sand, wind, salt, moisture, etc.)
  • Extraordinary transparency for perfect visibility
  • Tinted option to filter out the sun’s rays

Spotlight on the SHIELDUPTM range for reinforced glazings:

In addition to the inherent properties of PMMA, SHIELDUPTM acrylic sheet guarantees unrivaled window resistance to:

  • the impact of ocean waves and shock waves caused by the boat’s movements on the water
  • aggressive environments like salt spray
  • detergents

SHIELDUPTM acrylic glass offers a unique combination of properties, making it ideal for sailing, in which there is a constant quest to improve weights, in order to ensure better performances on the water and greater material durability, in response to the major challenge of sustainable development.


SHIELDUPTM acrylic glass has already been used for many windows on different classes of sailboats that have participated in a large number of races like the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe.

A world premiere: SHIELDUPTM Flex acrylic glass

Flexible acrylic sheet SHIELDUP TM Flex

A major innovation in the world of transparent flexible plastic, the SHIELDUPTM Flex acrylic sheet can be bent manually, without any thermoforming. This technical revolution saves time and money in the design of curved pieces or others that demand flexible material. In addition, SHIELDUPTM Flex boasts the same remarkable features as SHIELDUPTM acrylic sheet, making this new innovation the perfect solution for boat windows whenever ultra-transparency, durability, light weight, shock resistance and flexibility are required.

A world first on board Arkema's new trimaran

Flexible acryli New trimaran Arkema 4 cockpit with SHIELDUP TM Flex

The new Arkema 4 Multi50, recently released by the Lalou Multi Team, is equipped with both SHIELDUPTM acrylic glass and the latest creation, SHIELDUPTM Flex range, for safe, high-performance windows. 


The combination of benefits offered by ALTUGLASTM sheet was precisely what Lalou Roucayrol, the builder of Arkema’s new trimaran, was seeking for the boat’s windows (in the deckhouse, cockpit and wheelhouses):

  • perfect visibility and very strong resistance in extreme conditions
  • reduced weight, in the constant pursuit of improved boat performance levels
  • easy window installation during construction.


The SHIELDUPTM Flex sheet satisfied all of those requests, particularly the last one: a process simplified by completely eliminating the thermoforming step. This made it possible to manually bend the sheet cut to the desired dimensions and affix it directly to the boat. No possibility of mistakes and precious time saved on projects! A wonderful example of one application on the Arkema 4 trimaran, to whose crew we wish fair winds! 

To note :

  • Multiple families of sheets are available, depending on the application. ALTUGLASTM Illumination and Fashion allow for the personalization of lighting and decorative pieces, for innovative, luxurious yacht interiors.


  • All ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheets are compatible with Bostik® SAF methacrylate adhesives, for perfect bonding to a wide variety of substrates.