Altuglas® PMMA offers characteristics that meet the latest challenges in the transportation sector.

Half the weight and more transparent than glass, Altuglas® polymethyl methacrylate provides crystal clear visibility.


The new goal in the automotive industry is to develop clean low fuel consumption vehicles.


It’s a monumental challenge for carmakers that want to adjust to recent environmental requirements and are thinking about alternatives that reduce greenhouse gas and save fuel. Altuglas® is the perfect partner in this movement because it helps make cars lighter.

Windshield made of Altuglas® ShieldUp in the Peugeot Onyx concept car, the car of the future.

Altuglas® acrylic glass is the best alternative to glass for vehicle windows. It has become a standard material for designers of cars, motorcycles, caravans and other vehicles.

Some examples from concept designers

Our products have won over more than one concept designer like Renault for the Twizy electric car and the Peugeot Onyx.