Windshields and sun visors

You can never lose your concentration on the road. But you can be distracted or even obstructed by external factors. ALTUGLASTM products have all the right features to provide solutions that work.

Scooter windshield made from ALTUGLAS TM.


With its host of technical features, ALTUGLASTM PMMA is the perfect solution to the constraints of designing windshields and sun visors:

  • Highly impact-resistant
  • Protection against storms, sun and light reflections
  • Consistent thickness tolerance
  • Low internal pressure for reliable performance


ALTUGLASTM acrylic glass also weighs half as much as glass and is even more transparent, which means your vehicle is lighter and provides better visibility. 


Innovation for windscreen: SHIELDUPTM acrylic sheet

The TRINSEO research team managed to combine PMMA and an elastomer at the nanometer scale that gives acrylic glass unique properties without compromising transparency. Lightweight, ultra-transparency, impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance make it a revolutionary sheet.

Special ALTUGLASTM grades