Bathtubs and showers

A huge selection of ALTUGLASTM sanitary PMMA, performance grades and choices for bathroom manufacturers!


  • Optimum safety: Acrylic is one of the most slip-resistant materials on the market, is unrivalled for shock-resistance and can withstand many chemicals.
  • Exceptional durability: Even after extensive use, it doesn’t show any wear and the colours stay bright.
  • Improved sound insulation: Better sound absorption capabilities than metal, and
  • Prolonged heat insulation: ALTUGLASTM bathtubs keep heat in longer so users are guaranteed substantial energy savings and greater comfort.


What’s more, ALTUGLASTM products offer a wide selection of shapes and colours to make all your dreams come true!

An ALTUGLASTM Sanitary special sheet product range

ALTUGLASTM brand offers a huge range just for the wellness sector, so dream big because anything is possible!


 Modern stylish bathroom made of yellow and grey ALTUGLAS TM PMMA.