Panels and fittings

The properties offered by the ALTUGLASTM sanitary acrylic sheet range pinpoint the needs of bathtub and shower applications. Optimum safety, exceptional durability, excellent sound insulation and lasting heat insulation make it the ideal material for bathroom manufacturers.

In addition to bathtubs and showers, with ALTUGLASTM products you can also create:

Bathtub extensions: Lovely bath panels that are warm to the touch.


This sheet is available in the same colours, effects and finishes, plus they maintain their:

  • resistance properties against impact, chemicals, UV rays and scratches
  • ease of machining


Bathroom accessories (sinks, shower and tub screens, wall fittings) for homes and public buildings alike:

  • communal showers for gyms and pools
  • communal sinks for schools
  • special equipment for hospitals, water therapy, thermal spas
  • and sinks in cafeterias and restaurant kitchens, etc.
Designer bathroom made of blue and black ALTUGLAS TM PMMA.

An ALTUGLASTM Sanitary special sheet product range

ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet offers a wide range of specialty products for the sanitary sector (bathtub panels, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, etc.)