Shower cabin doors

The range of ALTUGLASTM sanitary acrylic sheet was specially developed for bathrooms and meet specifications for shower stall door applications.

A resistant material

Shower areas in gyms, spas and recreation centres are really put to the test. They are constantly in use by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people every day. That is why they call for a high-performance material to ensure they last a long time.


Shower stall doors made of ALTUGLASTM sheet are resistant and stand the test of time because they keep their high-quality finish even after frequent use!


A functional, durable and resistant material against wear and tear from repeated use and constant exposure to shock and chemicals (cleaning products, disinfectants, soaps, etc.).


Plus, it’s a great sound and heat insulator for improved user comfort.

Shower doors cabins made from ALTUGLAS TM PMMA.

ALTUGLASTM Sanitary special

Resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, learn about the properties of the range that will make all the difference.