The transparency, colours and material effects that Altuglas® offers make it the most popular material in furniture design.

Altuglas® polymethyl methacrylate is a high-quality impurity-free material. It can just as easily be transparent or opaque and it always looks stylish and modern, which makes it so sought-after by designers.


More transparent than glass, it plays with the light to create all sorts of different effects and atmospheres.


With Altuglas® PMMA you get:

  • an infinite selection of colours
  • a great variety of surface effects: smooth, matte, sandy, sparkling
  • uniquely simple machining capabilities


Make your original ideas some to life from the simplest shape to the most complex – it’s the perfect material for getting creative!

Purple Cartel table made of Altuglas® PMMA, the right material for novel contemporary designs.