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Gift and tableware

Invite Altuglas® acrylic glass to dinner and into your home to dress up your bowls, salt cellars and even your photo frames.

Altuglas® acrylic glass adds a creative touch all around the house.


Altuglas® is the perfect material for everyday objects:

  • beautiful (transparent, shiny, colourful)
  • resistant (chemicals, aqueous/inorganic/saline solutions, grease, mineral oil and many solvents)
  • easy to maintain


Plus, it is so easy to machine that it’s ideal for making complex shapes and even the smallest objects.

Stylish see-through tableware made possible by Altuglas® PMMA.

Guzzini, a big name in Italian design

Her advice for designers: “We recommend they take advantage of the “loupe” effect that happens with very thick pieces of Altuglas®. It enhances the way light and transparency interact.”