Household appliance parts

From standard PMMA to impact PMMA, the ALTUGLASTM product ranges are well-suited for household appliances such as mini-vacs, blenders, microwave doors and clear vacuum cleaner parts.

Known for its outstanding transparency. On top of its great transparency and shock-resistance, ALTUGLASTM acrylic glass is also an incredibly resistant material:

  • chemicals
  • aqueous/inorganic/saline solutions
  • grease
  • mineral oils
  • many solvents
With ALTUGLAS TM PMMA, create household appliances that are both stylish and high-quality.

ALTUGLASTM acrylic glass is ideal for applications like:

  • small household appliances (mini-vacs, blenders, kitchen scales, etc.)
  • microwave doors
  • washing machine control panels and portholes
  • clear vacuum cleaner parts