Museum casings

Improving the customer experience and ensuring the longevity of the artwork – it can be done.

 Smart Condar cases made of ALTUGLAS TM acrylic glass.

Don’t hide anything in the closet – show it off and protect it at the same time.


ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet is specially designed to provide the ideal conditions for protective window applications in museums and galleries.


Low-reflection and virtually invisible, it matches colours perfectly. Maximum protection that ensures optimum viewing.


Lighted pieces are exposed to many risks like UV and IR rays that can eventually ruin them. They can become tinged, discoloured and some materials can even become frail making them easier to break.


ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet acts like a barrier against dust, humidity and touching that also filters out damaging UV rays. Objects in these cases are admired and preserved.

Special ALTUGLASTM grades