Point of sale

Altuglas® acrylic glass is an outstanding choice for meeting all your needs in marketing, sales outlets and display panels.


Cosmetics displays, perfume testers, display windows, aisles, counters, shelving units and projection screens, sales is becoming entertainment.


Layout is crucial for attracting attention to your products. Subtle, totally transparent or in colour, Altuglas® acrylic glass shows off the product on display like a rare gem in a priceless jewellery case.

Refined and modern, the colours and shapes of Altuglas® PMMA bring sales outlets to life.

This refined and modern material has become a standard among designers and interior decorators. Altuglas® PMMA is easy to handle and offers a large selection of shapes, colours and surface finishes. This variety offers a bottomless well of creativity that results in shapes and looks never seen before.

It’s funny what colours can say when talking through Altuglas®.