Signage boards are made to be seen! They have to be visually appealing and resistant because they are usually displayed in high-traffic areas. ALTUGLASTM PMMA is extremely resistant and lasts a very long time.

It is for these reasons – and the fact that ALTUGLASTM sheet proudly rises to the challenge – that so many sign-makers use it! Extremely resistant to shock, weather and UV rays, ALTUGLASTM PMMA last a long time…but that’s not all.


It is also easy to machine and comes in an array of colours and textures, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to design! And it can be used with LEDs to send an even stronger message!

Catch people’s eyes with ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet and then lead the way!

Urban street sign made of transparent ALTUGLAS TM acrylic glass.