Signs are one of the leading sectors for ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet. It is used worldwide by providing the ideal lighting material for brands. It has a direct hand in revolutionizing the look of our cities.

Light, colour and shape are what makes a city vibrant and lively. They breathe life into spaces. Today’s lighted signs are there to entertain, but they also serve as beacons in the dark. And ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet is an active part of this virtual revolution in our cities.


In fact, ALTUGLASTM PMMA is the best material for lighting.


It’s transparent, transmits 92% of light and it never turns yellow, even after several years.


It is resistant to bad weather plus it can withstand extremely high and low temperatures. With its amazing properties (no-fade colour, UV-resistance and impact-resistance), it stands by your brand throughout the years.


What’s more, ALTUGLASTM material is easy to transform (from machining to thermoforming), as much possibilities permitting you to create signs with complex reliefs.

An Intermarché sign made with the ALTUGLAS TM Black & White LED System.

In a world where first impressions mean everything, ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheets make brands look their best. TRINSEO offers a personnalized service regarding the color you need (possible in big or small quantities).


To align itself with the increasingly widespread use of LED bulbs in illuminated signs, TRINSEO designed the next generation of PMMA, optimized for the optimal, uniform diffusion of light, that also eliminates dots of light that make people “see spots.” The result not only reduces energy consumption; it is also radiant and even.

For specific projects’ needs, TRINSEO offers a service that develops custom colours.