Automotive: LPL technology rises to new challenges

- Press release
Amidst profound aesthetic changes in the automotive market, Altuglas International provides a solution to lighting design challenges with its new LPL acrylic resin technology. Come watch a demonstration at the K2019 trade show in Düsseldorf.

Lighting to express an identity

Car manufacturers have always distinguished themselves through the exterior design of their vehicles. Yet in recent years brands are increasingly using their own distinctive ‘light signature’, especially in headlight and tail light design. The advent of LEDs as a light source opened up multiple design opportunities and lighting systems are now a key eature of vehicle aesthetics. Many of the latest concept cars and models have been sporting increasingly complex light paths and shapes.

LPL technology: taking on new challenges

In response to the technical challenges associated with these new designs, Altuglas International has developed the LPL technology. The Altuglas® V825T LPL and Altuglas® HT121 LPL grades of acrylic resin have enhanced optical performance in light transmission and color neutrality for light paths of over 30 cm. In addition, with the technical manufacturing constraints of these long light guides in mind, this generation of PMMA resins helps to ensure optimum color reproducibility from one light guide to another.

Demonstration at K2019 trade show

As part of a collaborative project with HRS Flow* for the hot runner, Inglass for the mold, Engel and manufacturer Volvo Cars, Altuglas International invites you to attend a practical demonstration at the Engel booth, Hall 15, B42-C48. This is an opportunity to watch the injection molding of light guides made based on Altuglas® V825T LPL.


Come see us at the Arkema booth, Hall 6, C57, where the whole Altuglas International team will be delighted to welcome you. This is a chance to find out about all of our products and latest innovations, as well as all of the different markets for which our Altuglas® acrylic resins provide solutions.


* Hall 1, Booth D05


Olivier Bourgeois