Protect using transparent acrylic glass screens

- Short news
The women and men at Altuglas International have mobilized to contribute to the collective fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our plants are continuing to produce acrylic glass screens which are in growing demand to act as a barrier to the virus and to protect people such as the general public and staff working in supermarkets, pharmacies, medical practices and hospitals. Protective screens are essential for kiosks and other counters in order to ensure social distancing and the safe continuity of services in many businesses, manufacturing facilities, stores and public services.

Our industrial plants in Italy, Denmark and France have reorganized to be in a better position to meet the demand of our busy distribution partners. All measures taken to ensure the safety of our teams are in full compliance with the health regulations and recommendations of each country.



"We are now more than ever proud of all our staff and products that serve the common good during this exceptional period "concluded Jean-Luc Béal, Altuglas International EMEA General Manager

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