Acrylic resins and beads Altuglas®

Altuglas International is a world leader in PMMA resins and beads. With its Altuglas® brands in Europe, Africa and Asia and Plexiglas® in the United States, these activities are based on high-performance products and dynamic teams.

The range of Altuglas® acrylic resins offers a wide choice of products to meet ever higher standards in terms of resistance to UV rays, Impacts, scratches, chemical factors and even temperature. Widely acclaimed by major players in the automotive, appliance and lighting industries, Altuglas® technical solutions will allow you to combine design, technical expertise and high performance.


Main characteristics of Altuglas® resin:

  • Transparency and high optical quality
  • Aesthetics
  • UV aging resistance
  • Easy processing (extrusion or injection)

The Altuglas® acrylic beads range offers solutions to paint, coating, composite, metallurgy and porcelain markets. Used as binder or additive, Altuglas® acrylic beads offer multiple properties depending on their composition.

Discover our resins grades according to their processing

Find the grade that fits your needs among the four Altuglas® resins’ ranges. Standard, impact and specialties.