ALTUGLASTM sheets and blocks key benefits

ALTUGLASTM sheets and blocks offer you a perfect balance between performance and aesthetics.

ALTUGLASTM is the preferred partner to architects, designers and manufacturers.
Combining beauty and transparency, light weight and toughness, and available in an infinite range of colors and surface effects, the product portfolio is extensive and incredibly rich. 
Over and above very stringent internal checks, the properties of ALTUGLASTM sheet and block arise from a manufacturing process that fulfils very high standards. This ensures product with perfectly flat surfaces and no impurities.


Acrylic glass (or PMMA) is the most environmentally sound plastic alternative, consistent with a sustainable development and circular economy approach.

Once the first sheets have been produced, they can be recycled indefinitely through a scrapping process.

The acrylic glass sheets are crushed, then heated before being re-melted into a liquid syrup. Once the process has been completed, new sheets can be cast.

crocodile animal inauguration

Noah's Ark Climate

To mark the 21st Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP 21), Arkema has joined forces with the “Noah’s Ark Climate” operation launched by Ségolène Royal, French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, and devised by street artist Gad Weil. Arkema is the official supplier of the material that gave shape to the 140 animal designs at the heart of this artistic event for the general public.

“ALTUGLAS® PMMA is a unique material that can be recycled and then re-used later to manufacture other articles than the animals it was first used for; hence it is consistent with a circular economy, and is one answer to the global warming issue” explains Gad Weil. 


ALTUGLASTM is a guarantee of outstanding light transmission as well as exceptional optical properties. As transparent as crystal, ALTUGLASTM transmits and reflects light better than the finest glass. Superior light transmission than with other materials is one of the major assets of ALTUGLASTM sheet and block.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • Light transmission of ALTUGLASTM92%
  • Light transmission of glass: 90%
  • Light transmission of polycarbonate: 84-89%

ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet and block offer a wide range of colors and surface effects to provide optimum solutions to every requirement.

House in the middle of a lake

Floating cabin

Altuglas International has joined forces with artist Elise Morin for the creation of the Walden Raft. A dynamic and contemplative experience that offers the public a space for reflection designed between opacity and transparency. To achieve this, we needed to find the most transparent material possible in order to create this sensation of lightness, but also a material not prone to deformation, despite its great thickness. As glass is automatically discarded due to its weight and deformation in thickness, Altuglas sheet emerged as the obvious choice. The result is spectacular.

House in the middle of a lake


ALTUGLASTM sheet withstands heat, UV rays and many chemical agents.

It also easily passes the impact resistance tests required in construction for example.

Hence it retains its beauty and sturdiness throughout the years. 
ALTUGLASTM also features many insulating properties, be they thermal (10 times greater than for glass), acoustic or even electrical.

shelves in Altuglas

Universal Exhibition

Altuglas International is the technical partner of the “Cucine e Ultracorpi” exhibition organized at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan from 9 April 2015 to 16 February 2016, as part of Expo Milan 2015.

Altuglas® sheet has been used to create customized furniture to present a range of microwave ovens, and bookcase shelving to showcase over 100 coffee machines, or latest-design cabinets to house alarms and timers.

Altuglas® PMMA sheet is the ideal material to combine modern and outstanding design with chemical, mechanical and acoustic stability that any demanding designer can rightly expect.

Altuglas® also lines the inside of a large meteorite containing the “Minikitchen” designed by Joe Colombo in 1963.

shelves in Altuglas

Light weight

Twice as light, acrylic glass sheet is a smart alternative to glass in countless applications.

Light weight is one of the major assets of ALTUGLASTM sheet. In architecture or furnishing for example, reducing the weight of materials is one of the major concerns of companies committed to cutting down their energy costs.

An infinite range of colors and surface effects

ALTUGLASTM sheet is available ex stock in some 200 colours.

And if you require a specific color, TRINSEO will formulate it for you!

Our laboratory can develop tailor-made colors based on a RAL or PANTONE colour chart.

Our team of researchers constantly work at reflecting current trends as closely as possible by offering new and contemporary ranges that suit everybody.

In addition to an extensive color palette, ALTUGLASTM acrylic sheet is available in a large number of surface effects: satin (sanded polished appearance), matt, glossy, transparent, metallized or granite.