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Altuglas® cast sanitary sheet

Altuglas® is one of the registered trade names of Altuglas International for its polymethylmethacrylate products: cast and extruded sheet. The Altuglas® Sanitary range is a cast PMMA sheet, specially developed for sanitaryware appliances.


The Altuglas® Sanitary Range includes three grades of sheets :

  • Altuglas® CS : for all sanitaryware applications.
  • Altuglas® CS Easy Forming : grade with a higher thermoformability for deep or complex models. 

Each grade can be produced in three different finishes:

  • Glossy : for a high quality gloss aspect.
  • Satin : for an upper matt aspect.
  • Shadow : for a colour graduation aspect.
The Altuglas® Bath and Showers range specially designed for bathrooms.

A huge selection

Our selection of over 250 colours is categorised by:

  • a standard range
  • a complementary range

Features of the sheet:

  • Thickness: 3.2-8 millimeters
  • Standard formats:

- 3,060 x 2,060 millimeters

- 3,085 x 1,820 millimeters


Altuglas International is committed to meeting your exact specifications, so feel free to contact our experts.

Fully certified

Altuglas® CS sheet complies with European standard EN 263 on PMMA sheet used to manufacture sanitary applicances.


Altuglas® CS sheet has featured the NF mark since October 1991. It is made in France at the Saint-Avold production plant.

Standard range

Across its four grades, Altuglas International gives you a wide selection of sanitary sheet in standard colours, sizes and thicknesses.

Complementary range

The complementary range of Altuglas® sanitary sheet offers you products customised to your exact specifications.

Additional information

Find all the information about Altuglas® Sanitary sheet. Dimensional tolerances, repair kits, NF label, usage recommendations, storage, guarantees and handling.