Complementary range – Sanitary sheet Altuglas®

The complementary range of Altuglas® sanitary sheet offers you products customised to meet your exact specifications.


Grades, colours, thicknesses, sizes or protection which are not standard are considered as special products. This means, they are not in stock and are therefore manufactured to order and delivered in complete production batches. 

General indication:

  • Size 3060 x 2060 mm a production batch is 180 m² or 30 sheets. The quantity that will be delivered can vary between 160 and 180 m².
  • Size 3085 x 1820 mm a production batch is 340 m² or 60 sheets. The quantity that will be delivered can vary between 300 and 340 m².

During the order, the quantity really needed must be defined. In principle, every other colour can be produced, if necessary we can match a new colour quickly: do not hesitate to contact us!


The availability time is between 4 and 6 weeks. The whole production batch will be invoiced.


There is no standard protection.

It must be defined on request, upon agreement of special delivery terms, to be confirmed at time of order. Sheets can be film-protected on the both faces.


The standard dimension of Altuglas® sheet is 3060 x 2060 millimeters and 3085 x 1820 millimeters untrimmed.
Sheets can be also delivered cut to size.

Discover all grades of this range

White, sterling, oyster, champagne, sunrise, corail, violine, pacific, bermuda, aquamarina, greenwich, curry, rosso, find the coulour that fits your bathroom!