General information

Altuglas® Sanitary Range is made of cross-linked cast acrylic sheet, with a superior surface finish and high molecular weight.

This materrial has been specially designed for the manufacturing of high quality bathtubs, shower trays and other sanitary appliances.

It offer the general advantages of cast acrylic sheet well know for this application:

a wide range of colours, very smooth surface finish, exceptional resistance, durability, reliable quality and fully recyclable.

Ceramic colours

This programme is reflecting the current trends in the sanitary feild.

In most cases, the colour was developped using master sample tiles provided by nthe leading ceramic manufacturer.

In all other cases, commercial samples were used.

Tolerances of dimensions

Altuglas® cast sheet are supplied in compliance with the international standard ISO 7823/1 concerning cast PMMA sheet. 


The dimensional tolerances are:


length or width: 

  • 0/ + 3 mm - up to 1000 mm.
  • 0/ + 6 mm - from 1001 to 2000 mm.
  • 0/ + 9 mm - from 2001 to 3000 mm.
  • 0/ + 0,3% - from 3001 and over

Reference face or view face

The side of Altuglas® Sanitary sheet which will be visible in use, must be the top face (clear polyethylene film). The bottom may have slight variations in gloss and tint.

Repair sets

Repair sets can be ordered for all colours of the Altuglas® range.

Contact Altuglas International sales office for minimum ordered quantity and availability.

These sets contain:

  • a 25 g can of coloured resin
  • a 1,5 cc bottle of catalyst for the resin

They must be mixed and used according to the instructions available in the box.
Please note that the delivery is exclusively combined with the delivery of Altuglas® sheet.

Quality labels - NF

What is the NF mark ?

The NF mark affixed to a product guarantees that it complies with the relevant standards and, where applicable,  additional technical specifications requested by the market.

The features set out  by  AFNOR Certification and  CSTB  (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) are specified in the specifications referred  to as the certification rules, drawn up in consultation with the manufacturers, distributors, consumer associations, laboratories and public authorities.


The certification rules concerning acrylic sheets bear the number 116. They can be downloaded from the website

CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) tests the products and audits the companies within the scope of this certification.

On what products can the NF mark be found?

The NF mark concerns cast acrylic sheets mainly used to manufacture baths and shower trays.

What does the NF mark accord?

The NF mark - ACRYLIC SHEETS certifies the compliance of  acrylic sheets with the European standard EN 263 and  additional documentation in the NF 116 certification rules approved by AFNOR Certification.


In particular, for sheets this guarantees:

  • Compliance with thicknesses and their tolerances
  • A Vicat softening point ≥ 105° C
  • Water absorption ≤ 40 mg
  • Thermal stability during its transformation (no surface deterioration)
  • A tensile strength greater than 60 Mpa
  • Stability of colours to light and hot water
  • Resistance to chemicals, hot water and staining


All of these tests check the fitness of sheets to meet sanitary purposes.

How does one recognise an NF product?

In this catalogue, to distinguish products that have been admitted to the NF mark from those which are not, the NF logo is placed next to the article holding it.


All the products listed in the Altuglas delivery programm have received NF certification.


Moreover to recognise them during installation, the NF logo is placed either on the sheets protective film or on the sheets packaging.




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It is recommended that the pallets with Altuglas® be stored so that they are sheltered from:

  • sunlight
  • rain
  • moisture

They can nevertheless stay outside up to a maximum of 24 hours after unloading.
When only a few sheets have been used, make sure that the rest are repacked.

  • it is recommended to store sheet horizontally on their original palettes
  • it is strongly recommended not to stack palettes so as not to create internal stresses and alter the sheet flatness
  • an excessive thermoforming temperature may deteriorate the sheet protective film and make it more difficult to remove

Film guarantee

The thermoforming properties of the film are guaranteed during one year from the manufacturing date which is printed on the sheet.

This guarantee is valid if the sheet have been stored according to the recommendations given above.

An excesive thermoforming temperature may deteriorate the sheet protective film making it more difficult to remove.


  • Do not handle the Altuglas® sheet with bare hands, the edges are sharp and this could pollute the surface. If possible, wear clean leather gloves.
  • Do not wear fluffy, brightly-coloured clothes, the sheet could be polluted by cloth fibers or the cloth colouring could pass through the film, causing stains or marks. Wear white or grey cotton overalls.
  • Do not move the sheet causing them to slide, this could damage the PE protective film and lead to the manufacturing of marked thermoformed products. Two people should carry them or a suction-paddled remover should be used.