Standard range – Sanitary sheet Altuglas®

Across its three grades, Altuglas International gives you a wide selection of sanitary sheet in standard colours, sizes and thicknesses.

Standard range characteristics

  • Wide variety of colours
  • Thickness: (3,2 ; 4 ; 5 and 8) millimeters  
  • Grades: 

- Altuglas® CS

- Altuglas® CS Easy Forming

- Altuglas® Sanitized   

  • Protection: one side clear film  
  • Sizes available: 

- 3060 x 2060 millimeters

- 3085 x 1820 millimeters

Availability of the standard range

Colours of the standard range are available from stock in the thickness, grade, protection and size indicated in the list hereabove. Items in this range can be delivered as standard or cut to size with a minimum order line of 30 sqm or equivalent approximately to 5 standards sheets.

Other thicknesses than the ones indicated are classified as special products and are subjected to the same conditions as the complementary range. The availability time is approximately 3 weeks.

Standard protection

The standar protection for all grades of Altuglas®, is a clear thermoformable film on the top face of the sheet. The other face is not protected. Except for Altuglas® CS clear which is masked both side with a thermoformable film.

Satin sheets are protected by a non-thermoformable film on the top face.

This film must be remove before thermoforming. (heating)


Due to the cutting optimisation, except by special agreement, a variation of 0, + 5 % can be allowed between the number of sheet ordered and the number of sheet delivered.


The standard dimension of Altuglas® sheet is 3060 x 2060 millimeters and 3085 x 1820 millimeters untrimmed. All types of the standard range can be delivered cut to size.

Discover all grades of this range

Altuglas® CS, Altuglas® CS Easy Forming, Altuglas® Sanitized. White, Bianco, Pergamon, Natura, Manhattan, many possibilities for your bathroom!


* except sheets with satin finish (non-thermoformable film).