Acrylic bathtubs and acrylic shower tray : ALTUGLASTM sanitary offer

With a 50 year experience, the two ALTUGLASTM CS and ALTUGLASTM CS Easy Forming acrylic sheets ranges have been specially designed for the manufacturing of high quality acrylic bathtubs, shower trays and other sanitary appliances.

Unique advantages of cast acrylic sheets

  • Very smooth surface finish thanks to cast process
  • Exceptional thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Durability with a10 year guarantee
  • Reliable quality
  • Fully recyclable due to its 100 % acrylic composition
  • Easy to thermoform
  • A wide range of colours


Bathtubs AlLTUGLAS TM_1701
Bathtubs CS celta-low

The two ALTUGLASTM sanitaryware ranges

  • ALTUGLASTM CS range for standard sanitaryware applications,

  • ALTUGLASTM CS Easy Forming range with a higher thermoformability for deep or complex models.

Two different finishes

Glossy, for a high quality gloss aspect and Satin, for an upper matt aspect.

Bathtubs CS


What is the NF mark?

The NF mark affixed to a product guarantees that it complies with the relevant standards and, where applicable, additional technical specifications requested by the market. The characteristics set out by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du bâtiment) are specified in the specifications referred to as the certification reference system, drawn up in consultation with parties concerned.
The certification rules concerning acrylic sheets bear the number 116. They can be downloaded from the website evaluation.cstb.fr.

CSTB tests the products and audits the companies within the scope of this certification.


On what products can the NF mark be found?

The NF mark concerns cast acrylic sheets mainly used to manufacture baths and shower trays.


CSTB 84 avenue Jean Jaurès – Champs-sur-Marne

77447 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2 – FRANCE


What does the NF mark provide?
The NF mark -ACRYLIC SHEETS- certifies the compliance of acrylic sheets with the European standard EN 263 and additional documentation in the NF116 certification reference system approved by AFNOR Certification.
In particular, for sheets, this guarantees:

  • Compliance with thicknesses and their tolerances;
  • A VICAT softening point ≥ 105°C;
  • Water absorption ≤ 40 mg;
  • Thermal stability during its transformation (no surface deterioration);
  • A tensile strength greater than 60 MPa;
  • Stability of colours to light and hot water;
  • Resistance to chemicals, hot water and staining.

All these tests check the fitness of sheets for sanitary uses.

How does one recognize a NF product?
In this catalogue, to distinguish products that have been admitted to the NF mark from those that have not, the logo  is placed next to the certified item.
Moreover to recognize them during installation, the  logo is placed either on the sheets protective film or on the sheets packaging.