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Spice your project - Altuglas®

Product range

Looking to perk up your projects? This range's Altuglas® acrylic glass has everything you need. Sparkling, shiny, magical – it creates a one-of-a-kind space with lightweight acrylic glass! One side or both sides, a mirrored reflection or go for a metallic and futuristic look. Not to mention new sheet that reveals a colour when you laser-engrave it! Write, draw, amaze with this "Spice up your project" range.

Altuglas® Metallic & Iridescent

A delicate touch of metallic or iridescent glow with this new range of acrylic sheets, the latest innovation from Altuglas®. We offer a unique range of colours and effects varying depending on your viewing angle. This new range with a very high technical and aesthetic potential will elevate your POP, displays and furniture.


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Altuglas® Signature

large gold grid led off

A creator's dream, spun from acrylic glass, to add a touch of Luxury to all your living spaces.

It is twice as light as glass and as clear as crystal, but more robust. A collection in 7 textures - in grids, meshes, and lacework - with the freedom to produce your designs using your own fabrics.

Works with natural lighting or LEDs along the edges, to change any room's colours and atmoshere at will.

With Signature®, Luxury is always included.

Altuglas® metal and pearl

Amazing finish to both surfaces. From the sparkle of a pearl to the shine of metal. A range of six colours: silver, gold, steel, pearl, blush and titanium.

Altuglas® Silverstar

An acrylic sheet with a bright metallic glitter for a touch of sparkle. Glitter effect on one side. Varied applications: POS, furnishing and fittings, industrial applications.

Altuglas® Tattoo

It’s magic! One colour appears on a black Altuglas® acrylic sheet when lasering. Inkless: the process is simple, economical and ecological. Stable: your tattoo is permanent and durable. Perfect for visual communication: P.O.P, displays, packaging, Altuglas® is so elegant!

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
    • Bathtub and shower
    • Urban visual communication
  • Consumer goods
    • Household equipment


  • Cosmetics
  • Exhibition booths
  • Furniture
  • Gift and tableware
  • Point of purchase
  • Signage