Acrylic letters - Signs letters: Altuglas® Blocks


Altuglas® Blocks propose an ease of use for your brand with thicknesses from 30 to 90 mm.

Only one material to machine and simplified fabrication steps for a reduced maintenance (no glue). Altuglas® Blocks diffuse the light intensively and offer high shock and excellent weather resistance.
Superb transformative properties.

Sign makers ? Save energy costs with our LED System technology

Energy savings

Our acrylic blocks offer exceptional light transmission enhanced by LED lighting. Aware of current environmental conditions, Altuglas International has developed an acrylic block grade called LED System, which allows a significant reduction in energy costs. Our LED System blocks allow lighting of the same quality as a conventional system while using fewer LEDs or less powerful LEDs.

LED System technology is available for Altuglas® Block LED System Opal, and LED System Red / Pink / Blue / Green / Yellow / Orange , guaranteed from a thickness of 20mm.


Differentiate your offer on the market by introducing new technology in your signs!



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  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods