Bright opal acrylic sheet : Altuglas® ClearWhite Opal HLT

Altuglas® ClearWhite Opal HLT

Altuglas International has developed the brightest opal acrylic sheet with a high hiding power for the lighting, sign and decorative market. This new grade minimizes light losses and thus improves LED efficiency, resulting in energy economy.

It’s widely acknowledged that the light transmission of the acrylic glass is higher than the glass. Standard opal acrylic glass is however losing its light transmission while enhancing its light diffusion power. To get the benefice of both characteristics is now on possible with the new Altuglas® grade 100.27085!


In addition, this perfect opal grade lets the maximum light brightly through with no clue of what is hiding behind. No more hot spots visible to spoil the design esthetics! The hiding power of Altuglas® is the highest existing for an opal. What a gift for the decorative and lighting world!

Whereas other opal products get one of this properties; diffusion uniformity, hiding power, high light transmission, Altuglas® 100 27085 gets it all. This exceptional grade revolutionizes the quality and the purity of the light, offering an intense but perfectly diffused authentic bright white light.


Altuglas® Clearwhite Opal HTL is the only grade offering both high light diffusion level and light transmission similar to natural light for a soothing atmosphere.


Thanks to all its specific characteristics, this grade minimizes light losses and thus improves LED efficiency. Consequently, for the same visual aspect, less LED are needed; a significant economical advantage!


Privacy screen

 Privacy screen



Decorative illumination

 Decorative Illumination


  • The homogeneous white opal light and optical properties is guaranteed whatever the thickness is (available from 3 mm to 25mm and in 30mm block).
  •  This grade can also be made in any colour in satin or glossy surface.

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Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Building and construction
    • POP and displays and shop fittings
    • Signage
    • Signs and displays
    • Urban visual communication