Matte acrylic sheets - Satin acrylic sheets: Altuglas® Dual Satin & Altuglas® Mono Satin


Two versions woth a peach skin effect that invite you to touch. Used with light, these extremely soft ranges diffuse colours beautifully. Their special surfaces protect against scratches and fingerprints.

Altuglas® Dual Satin

Altuglas® Dual Satin acrylic sheets offer a satin appearance on both sides to play with the internal and external light, and an astonishingly nice and smooth feel to the touch. The Altuglas® Dual Satin surface shows no fingerprint marks.This range has been created to enhance any type display units, holders, windows and indoor fittings.

Altuglas® Mono Satin

Altuglas® Mono Satin acrylic sheets present one matt surface to beautify your display units, stands, window displays, interior design, signs and more. This matt surface combined with a wide range of colours will make your creations as unique. Altuglas® Mono Satin can be used with LED. Soft to the touch! 



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Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods