Flexible acrylic sheet: SHIELDUPTM Flex

Flexible acrylic sheet SHIELDUP TM Flex

The SHIELDUPTM Flex acrylic sheet can be bent manually – without any thermoforming – to save time and money. This simplifies the production of 2D curved pieces and others that demand flexible material. There are multiple applications for this technical plastic that simultaneously offers transparency, flexibility, lightweight and UV and impact resistance: all types of windows, display units, household appliances, lighting, personal protective screens, etc. Add a touch of flexibility to your process!

A flexible acrylic sheet: A world premiere

This major innovation, patented by Arkema, reduces the SHIELDUPTM Flex sheets bending modulus to 1100 MPa (compared to our classic sheet)! As a result, at any given thickness, the SHIELDUPTM Flex acrylic sheet is three times more flexible than a classic sheet, without adding any plasticizers. The sheet remains mechanically effective, while retaining all of its original properties.

This flexibility gives designers greater freedom to shape their pieces as they choose and simplifies the manufacturing processes for any pieces with complex 2D geometric aspects.

An unprecedented combination of benefits

Flexible acryli New trimaran Arkema 4 cockpit with SHIELDUP TM Flex

In addition to the intrinsic properties of PMMA – scratch resistance, UV resistance (no yellowing over time) and extreme transparency – SHIELDUPTM Flex sheets offers the same incredible chemical and shock resistance as the SHIELDUPTMrange, but with enhanced pliability.

This completely novel combination of benefits for an acrylic sheet makes this innovation the ideal solution for projects that require a material that is perfectly clear, durable, light-weight, sturdy and flexible.

A terrific example of one application: The windows on the new Arkema 4 trimaran

Lalou Multi, a partner since 2013, worked closely with the Arkema and Altuglas International R&D center to set up innovative technologies for the new trimaran, the Arkema 4. The group’s earlier boats had already been equipped with SHIELDUPTM sheet in response to two crucial needs for a skipper: shock resistance and lighter weight. For this latest trimaran, Lalou Roucayrol issued Altuglas International a new challenge: to simplify and expedite window installation. And thus, the world’s first flexible acrylic sheet, dubbed SHIELDUPTM Flex sheets, was born at the Lacq Research Centre. It was bent manually at the boatyard and glued directly to the boat. This avoided the thermoforming step and its inherent limitations, saving both time and money.


New trimaran Arkema 4 has hit the water

As a complement to perfect protection in his cockpit, Lalou also wanted to give the skipper optimal visibility under difficult conditions at sea. The SHIELDUPTM Flex sheet is compatible with the use of an anti-abrasion, water-repellent coating. This surface treatment endows windows with both a high level of scratch resistance and beading properties to better drain water away.


The technological challenges were met: a simplified step for boat-building and racing, and a skipper protected at peak performance, thanks to optimal views through the windows.

A source of unlimited innovation

The SHIELDUPTM Flex acrylic sheet can be used in traditional PMMA applications like windows in the transportation sector (RVs, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc.) and the fields of architecture and industrial windows, but also in signage, lighting, furniture and protective screens. With all of its properties,  this innovation opens the door to new applications, such as in electronics (smart object screens) and other personal protective equipment.


Are you looking for a durable, ultra-transparent flexible material that is both shock-resistant and detergent-resistant? Opt for convenience, time and money savings and, lastly, high performance with the SHIELDUPTM Flex sheet!


  • Flexibility
  • Very high impact resistance (even when cold)
  • Very high resistance to cleaning products
  • 50% lighter-weight than glass
  • 92% light transmission rate

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
    • Signage
    • Signs and displays
    • Urban visual communication
  • Consumer goods
    • Electronics
    • Furniture
    • Personal care products
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Sports and leisure
  • Electronics and electrical
    • Electronics
    • Light and lighting
    • lighting


  • Automotive glazing
  • Boat
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Rear projection screen
  • Screen display applications
  • Signage
  • Signs
  • Sports equipment
  • Windshields